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The content may be bare, but the message is quite clear: bookmark this site and more content will soon appear!

All kidding aside, I will be posting more content, but wanted to get the site live again above anything else.

Hello and Welcome!

In late 2013, I decided to split off writing about tech from my personal site. Since I’m primarily an Apple user, I felt that I could post content on a separate website without getting in the way of my personal one, which is geared more towards well, personal writing.

I decided upon the name One Button Mouse as an homage to Apple and the original Macintosh with a one-button mouse. 1.5 years later, along with over 120 posts, I realized that the site had become nothing more than another link-post website with the occasional original post and reviews.

Fast forward to Monday, March 30th, 2015 – all of a sudden, the website would not load. All that would appear was a white screen, and no matter what I tried, I could not get it to load properly. I ultimately created an archive of everything on the server, saved it, and decided to start over.

At first, I was highly upset and stressed, but after reflecting a little more, I realized this was actually a good thing because it allowed me to re-brand the site and attempt to stand out from all of the other Apple-related websites.

While I will still cover Apple, OS X, iOS, and everything in between, I also want to branch out and include relevant tech posts from other competitors, such as Microsoft and Google. After all, I’m not a Pro Apple Blogger by any means, and I want to avoid falling into that trap.

The TL;DR version: I was unhappy with the direction of the site, coupled with the website not working all of a sudden, that I decided to start fresh in an attempt to stand out from the more popular Apple-related websites/blogs.

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